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Taste of Japan: Secret of Umami

Event Date:

30 March 2023

Event Time:

10:31 am

Event Location:

Taste of Japan 3: “Secret of Umami”

  • Irresistible Teriyaki Chicken with steamed short-grain rice
  • Prawns and vegetable Katsu served with wasabi lime mayonnaise
  • Seasonal salad with special “Gomadare (sesame seed)” dressing

Umami is the 5th element to describe taste: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. The closest English translation is “savoury pleasant taste” i.e. sometimes when you taste a dish you just can’t stop eating because it is so delish!  We will let you experience the taste with our special Teriyaki Chicken recipe.  We will also make “Katsu” – deep fried prawns and veges with bread crumbs and seasonal salad with special Sachie’s dressing. Be hungry for the class.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Location:

Event Schedule Details

  • 30 March 2023 10:31 am   -   31 March 2023 5:00 pm
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