What makes Sachie’s Kitchen amazing?

  • Our team are all Asian & we travel to every country we run classes, a minimum of once a year in so we strive to teach the most authentic tastes.  PS: If you are worried about communication, don’t!  We are totally fluent English-speakers too!
  • We teach a minimum of 3 dishes per class (not just one as many other classes out there do).
  • You get to be TOTALLY Hands-on in your own fully equipped kitchen stations.
  • Our chefs/teachers compete and have won a number of awards in the culinary industry so have serious cred – but importantly don’t use intimidating cheffy-speak!  We like to laugh a lot!
  • We have a major stand for Sustainability – we compost daily so if you’re looking for worm pee for your garden just ask us!  We also believe in the bigger picture so donate a meal to a hungry child for every class you take.
  • We serve only the BEST boutique wine and beer but at a fair price, Asahi, Orion (Okinawan beer), Singha, Dog Point, Amisfield, Kumeu River, Misha’s Vineyard – the best stuff!


Where is the Sachie’s Kitchen?

We are Unit 1:4, AXIS building, 91 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland.  Look out for a big white building on the corner.


Do you have a parking space?

Yes we do!  There are 4 parking spaces in the 91 St Georges Bay Road parking bay that you find on the first left as you pass the building.  They are marked as C0, C1, C8 & C10 – but there are plenty of FREE parking spaces on St Georges Bay Road anytime after 4.30pm & Sat/Sun all day so no need to worry too much!


Do we have to bring anything?

Nope!  We will provide everything such as aprons, ingredients, recipes, all the equipment etc… but if you like, you can bring containers to bring your food home to impress your friends and family!


How can I book? Do I have to call you?

For normal cooking classes, you can simply click “Class Calendar” from our website and book & pay online to receive an instant confirmation!  If you want to book a group / private functions, please send us an email to admin@sachieskitchen.com and we will book you in!

If you like to talk to a real person, please feel free to give us a call on 09 302 7680, too.


How do I buy gift voucher or passport?

Simply navigate to our online store and select either a passport or gift voucher.  Following purchase you will receive a confirmation email containing your gift voucher or passport verification code.


How do I book a class using gift voucher or passport?

If you are trying to book a class using a gift voucher or passport, navigate to the website and select the class that you would like to participate in.  When you move to the payment screen, you will simply enter the code you have received as payment for the class and it will be deducted off your balance.  To book multiple classes, return to the classes page and select another class.  When you come to your first class we will have your physical passport ready and after each class your passport will be stamped.


I have food allergy or health concern… can I still come and cook?

Absolutely you can!  We had nearly 30,000 students in the last 5 years and accommodated different food requirements such as Dairy free, gluten free, coeliac, being pregnant, special food allergy etc.  So in a nutshell, don’t be shy and just let us know when you book and we will accommodate as much as we can!


Can we hire Sachie’s Kitchen for my events, parties or filming?

Yes you can!  Please contact us on admin@sachieskitchen.com or (09) 302 7680.


Can I cancel or re-schedule my class?

For normal cooking class booking, free cancellation or re-scheduling your classes as long as we have been notified 72hrs prior. Otherwise, 100% cancellation fees will apply.
For private functions / group event, please refer to the Terms of Trade.


How many people are in the each class?

For normal cooking classes there will be up to 8 people per class – we like to keep the class small to give you more opportunity to speak to our chefs and also space to cook!

For group / private function, we can take up to 80 people at Sachie’s Kitchen. But if you have larger group, please let us know and we can cater for your group as well.  The last big group we organised had 74 people in the group – not just a demonstration but we all COOKED!