About Us

We are totally authentic, award winning chefs from all different countries in Asia who believe in having fun.



It is my dream to take authentic Asian cuisine to every home in New Zealand by making the complex simple!  I was born in Japan, migrated to NZ and ended up with a degree in Chinese and a Chinese husband in between my food exploits!  These days you can find me overseeing Sachie’s Kitchen, travelling through Asia hunting new recipes, designing degustation menus, presenting on TV, writing books and  magazines and of course designing new recipes for the cooking school!

I believe that great food transports us back in time to great feelings we had as children, and no matter what your mood is, even after a stressful day at work, great food can instantly change our feelings for the better!  xxx Sachie #FromAsiaWithLove


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Operations Manager & Chef

Hailing from Japan but now an honorary Westie, Yuka is a passionate foodie, speaking fluent Japanese and English who will charm you with her smile, knowledge, easygoing personality and cleanliness!



Deepika is our international Assistant Chef and runs our Indian Cooking Classes. Handpicked after she graduated with the Top Student Award in Commercial Cookery out of the well-known hospitality school, King’s College on the Gold Coast. To date Deepika has won a Bronze Medal in the 2012 Auckland Regional Culinary Fare, and then went one step further with a Silver Medal at the 2012 National Culinary Fare (where the real Masterchefs are)



A chef from the Phillipine School of Culinary Arts, Eliza is our Filipino-Chinese workhorse of the team. She is super-fast, super-efficient, and be nice to her because she's the one who handles all the work in the background that will make you look good!



A chef from the exotic and busy country of Indonesia, Jo is a key part of our team. Don't worry about his staunch photo, he is actually really friendly and is a gentle soul with a warm smile, with a passion for Asian food. Oh and in a past life he used to be a professional photographer and so makes food look beautiful!

Tamara & Jamie

Kitchen Hands

Tamara and Jamie are our kitchen hands and work tirelessly in the background to make sure you have a great time!


Admin Manager

Fallyn is the stellar Admin Manager at Sachie’s Kitchen and is one of the most professional and hard-working people we know. The odd one out, Fallyn hails from South Africa, but her work ethic definitely means she's in! Fallyn is the link in the background that allows the magic in the kitchen for the cooking classes and team building auckland events to happen.


Business Manager

Nick is Sachie’s loving and cheeky Chinese/Malaysian husband – former lawyer and semi-retired businessman now who works tirelessly on the back-end of Sachie’s Kitchen!