Welcome to my blog! Here you will find simple yet delicious Asian recipes that I love to cook and eat! Some might look scary to cook but don't be afraid to discover new tastes and have fun cooking with your friends and family. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed or want to perfect your dishes, check out some of our hands on classes or get a group of friends together for a group class.

焼き魚 Miso Grilled Fish

    If you are keen to find out what Japanese people eat for breakfast in Japan, check out Taste Magazine Aug issue – I shared a traditional Japanese Breakfast: Grilled snapper, sweet egg roll, miso soup and rice    Serves:     2   Preparation time: 10 minutes + overnight to…

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Vietnamese Bun Cha

If you get a chance to go to Hanoi, Vietnam, you have to check out Bun Cha – Vietnamese Grilled pork and vermicelli. There is a specific establishment at 43 Cau Go – manned by old Vietnamese women, only one dish – bun cha, opens at 11am and sold out…

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