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More About the Laksa


If you haven’t tried laksa before, you definitely should give it a go- it’s a meal that’s like a ray of sunshine. Lately, laksa is becoming more and more popular as people are discovering how delicious it is- I hope you can be the next one to see the light with this meal kit!


My laksa is the version based on curry and coconut cream, making it creamy and perfect for those who don’t want dairy. It is also called curry mee in Malaysia, since there are many different types of laksa that are found in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.


No one really knows where laksa came from, but it’s generally believed that laksa came from Chinese roots as uses Chinese noodles, and blended in with the local curries to form what some people call a “marriage made in heaven!” Even though these countries are so hot, they’re still loving this spicy dish. Did you know that in parts of Penang, they add pigs blood to the laksa, as it’s considered a delicacy there? Definitely not in these Meal Kits though!


What can be hard with laksa is achieving the right balance of sweet, sour, spicy and sour, but I’ve taken all the guess work out for you in the curry paste that is included! It’s not often that you can make a laksa at home, but this kit will bring a bowl of delicious South East Asian sun and flavours into you and your family’s bellies. Each Meal Kit serves four, so everyone can have a taste!


Look out for the  dark orange Laksa Meal Kit, just like the orange curry!




Click here to see my video on how to make the laksa from my meal kit.


If you grab a pack, please make sure to take a picture of how it turned out! I love seeing them- and it’s not often that you can make a laksa at home 🙂 You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @sachieskitchen.


Click here for the nutritional info

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