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Taste of India

Most people would associate Indian food as being known for its spiciness.Get your hands in our Taste of India classes

Classic Flavours

One of the most well-known curries in India and also in the Western world is Murgh Makhani – known as “Butter Chicken” There are many varieties of recipes but we will teach you a traditional home recipe descended from Deepika’s family in India. You will also learn how to make Punjabi Samosas and Indian traditional Tamarind Chutney in the class.

• Punjabi Butter Chicken
• Northern Indian Samosa
• Indian Tamarind Chutney

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True Indian Spices

Chana Masala is one of the most popular Punjabi curry dishes in the Indian cuisine and mainly uses Chana (means Chickpea), Tomato, Coriander and a myriad of local spices. This dish is often served with fried bread called Poori / Puris – you will learn how to make this starting from scratch! We will also teach you how to make delicious Mughlai-style Tandoori Chicken that you can replicate at home easily for your friends and family to enjoy.

• Chickpea Curry “Chana Masala”
• Poori / Puris (Punjabi Fried Bread)
• Classic Tandoori Chicken

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