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Sachie’s Kitchen Corporate & Private Functions

Asian MasterChef Challenge

Duration: 3 hrs
Cost: From $135.00 pp plus GST
Number: 8 to 60 (larger groups can be catered too – just ask!)

Are you looking for a fun, creative and exciting event for your team, group of friends or someone’s birthday? Then come to this Asian MasterChef Cooking Challenge!

Choose one of the menus from our selection of Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian or Indian options and we will teach you how to cook these favorite Asian Cuisines! The day / evening will start by dividing your group into smaller teams, with a tasting challenge and quiz about the country (cuisine) that you have chosen.

Then our authentic chef will demonstrate 3 dishes (some of our other competitors only do 1 dish but we believe in sending you home full)! that you are going to cook as a team, before we put you back onto the cooking station to hit the pressure of a 45 minutes of cooking challenge. It’s now your time to show off your skills and hidden ability to your team mates!

Sounds very serious?? – don’t worry, we just want you to have fun and create delicious meals for your colleagues and friends! We will be there to help and assist you all the way through! At the end of the 45mins, just like your favourite TV shows, we will judge your meals based on tidiness of your work station, team work, creativity, presentation skills (little speech from team is always good one to hear) and taste.

Now you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day / evening with your team over a glass of wine or nice cold beer! and the enjoy the sumptuous meal that you have just created. We will announce the winner at the end of the event!

We had 74 people from BNZ last Christmas and we all had an amazing time!

Sushi Rolling Express

Duration: 1.5 -2 hrs
Cost: From $106 pp plus GST
Number: 10 to 60 (larger groups can be catered too!)

If you need to organize an event but have limited time, then this is the class for you! We can run a “Special Sushi” event for any number of people. We create a Japanese Themed event where everyone will wear a traditional Japanese costume called a “Happi” and Bandana like in the Karate Kid Movie!

We will divide your group into smaller teams and kick off your day/evening by testing your skills and knowledge with Chopsticks and Origami Paper.

We will then demonstrate to you how to roll 3 different types of Sushi – Temaki, Hoso-Maki and Futo-Maki (hand-roll; small-roll and big roll). Everyone will be requested to make their own sushi and try their own flavour!


Sushi with your Geisha Girls

Duration: 3 hrs
Cost: From $149 pp plus GST
Number: 8 to 60 (larger groups can be catered too!)

This is THE event that everybody talks about for years! We play hard and laugh hard!! You will be amazed to discover the “hidden talent” of your colleagues, boss & friends! Japanese themed – this event includes costumes, chopsticks, origami paper and of course Sushi!

Class includes a demonstration on how to make 4 different types of Sushi (Hand roll, Nigiri, Inari & Big Roll). Everyone will be requested to make their own sushi and try their own flavour!

Once you have mastered Sushi making skills, and satisfied your tummy, we will then challenge you (as a team) to create THE best sushi which no one has tasted before by using well-known KIWI ingredients such as mince pies, Pavlova, Kiwi Fruit, Vegemite etc. Oh, and just another thing! Someone will become a Geisha girl to present the dish to the judge (if you are up for the challenge).

Taste of Asia

Duration: 3 hrs
Cost: From $156 pp plus GST
Number: 16 to 60 (larger groups can be catered too!)

Looking for a fun, challenging and creative event, perfect for any occasion? Then join us for a trip through the Orient and experience our latest package – “Taste of Asia”! This package is perfect for groups wanting to experience cuisine in all its variety of flavours and styles.

This package is exactly as it sounds. The event would start with your group being divided into small teams, followed by some fun challenges to break the ice and lighten the mood – then each group will be given a different cuisine to cook from a country in Asia. You can choose between Japan, Korea, India, China, Thailand, Vietnam or Malaysia. Each group will cook 2-3 dishes based on the country of choice and the menu will be seasonal and revealed on the day / night. The chef will demonstrate a few dishes to give types and guidance, and then each team will be sent back to their stations to commence their culinary journey, and of course our chefs will be on hand throughout the class to assist. Once all the meals have been cooked, our chef will judge which group did the best and who were the prize-winners. Then your group can enjoy a buffet-styled lunch / dinner and sample all the colleagues / friends dishes!

High Tea with an Asian Twist
- Currently unavailable

Duration: 2 hrs
Cost: From $89 pp including a glass of bubbles plus GST
Number: 12 to 60 (off-site for larger groups available)

Sachie’s Kitchen launches a brand-new High Tea event with an Asian twist.

Your group will enjoy our unique selection of high tea delicacies and brewed teas. Taking part in the creativity, you will prepare and assemble some delightful dishes to complete the three tier high tea platter for you to enjoy! Perfect for a Hen’s Party, Birthday Party or a Baby Shower!

Dumplings Express – Eat As You Go!

Duration: 2 hrs
Cost: From $95 pp plus GST
Number: 15 to 60 (larger numbers can be catered too)

This special Dumpling class is great for a private function if you are after a short and fun event. We will kick off the event with a few special challenges and then you will watch our chef demonstrating how to make the dumplings – You will learn to cook the dumplings in 3 different ways – pan fried, deep fried and poached in a soup.

A glass of bubbles is included per person on arrival to get your event started.

Sachie’s Curry Day Out! (available 10am-3pm)

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hrs
Cost: From $95 pp plus GST
Number: 15 to 60 (larger numbers can be catered too)

This special Curry class is great for a Hen’s party and private function if you are after a short and fun event over lunch. The class is available during the day and is an hour long hands-on cooking class where your guests will learn how to cook an authentic Indian Butter Chicken, aromatic Thai Green, Thai Red curry or Malaysian Noodle Laksa from scratch. Then you and your guests can sit and savour the delicious food that they have cooked with accompanying beverages available onsite also!

Shop & Cook

Duration: 4 hrs
Cost: $179 plus GST
Number: 12 to 60 (larger groups can be catered too)

Made famous by us combining cooking and the Amazing Race, this will tick all the teamwork boxes that you want your team to accomplish! – communication skills, problem solving, creativity, finance control and to also willingness to try new things!

You will meet at our kitchen first and we will divide you into smaller teams. Then you face one challenge before commencing, to decide which team will receive a time benefit!

After the short cooking demonstration, each team will receive an envelope with instructions and “pocket” money. Transport will be waiting for you outside and the winning team of the initial challenge will receive an advantage (just like in the Amazing Race). We will provide ingredients for 3 Asian dishes with recipes, but it will be up to your team to decide what to get for your dessert challenge – you will have one hour to rush to the local supermarkets to source all the ingredients and complete tasks before you return to Sachie’s Kitchen.

Once you have returned to the school, the cooking challenge begins! You will have one hour to cook your Asian dishes and the dessert of your choice. Our chef will judge your dishes based on presentation, creativeness, team work, and taste of all the dishes (of course)!

Oh and of course the Winning team will walk away with a prize as well as the glory!

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