Sachie in the Community

Every time you take a cooking class, team building activity, entertain clients or purchase a product from Sachie’s Kitchen, we automatically feed one hungry child a meal!

All of our team at Sachie’s Kitchen came from humble beginnings, we’ve worked hard, and we believe wholeheartedly in leaving the world a better place, and through our success and your support we can make a difference through our friends at Nourish the Children.


So thank you from us (and them!) for your gift!
As of 1 February 2015 we have fed 8534 children and counting!

Cooking Classes New Zealand

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We are very active in the community. We are passionate supporters of EDEN “Eating Difficulties & Education Network”

We have created an annual event “Cook & Skate” with our neighbours across the road from Amazon Boardstores with pro-skateboarders and surfers as a reward and to raise awareness with people that there is somewhere where they can go to get help!

Sustainable 60 Finalist

As all you may know, sustainability is a critical issue for New Zealand – environmentally, economically, culturally, and socially.  And we would like to support to reduce our impact on environment so that our natural resources will be around for future generations.

We have been on a mission to make Sachie’s Kitchen fully sustainable and are – right through to use of wormfarms /composting, eliminating waste, recycle all bottles and glass, using sustainable suppliers, use of induction energy-efficient appliances, using all natural and biodegradable cleaners and more!

We care about the environment, we care about cultural history, we care about jobs and we care about the community – and we want to be a leader in the NZ hospo sector and with your support we can be!

Just spread the message and when you come to Sachie’s Kitchen as a guest for a cooking class or as a customer of ‘Sushi Monday & Fridays’. Please participate with us!