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Taste of Korea

For Koreans food is much more than something to fill the belly – it provides taste, medicine, and a connection to the country.

Seoul Food

Ah, bulgogi… the queen of the prom. This is another well-known Korean dish, second only to kimchi probably. Expertly marinated beef is tossed onto the grill (sometimes you can even do it yourself) and then cooked to yummy perfection. Fun Fact: Bulgogi was listed at number 23 on the World’s 50 most delicious foods readers’ poll compiled by CNN. We’re also going to serve it with kimchi – technically this is called “baechu” kimchi (though no one actually says that): it’s everywhere and almost everyone loves it, made from cabbage and fermented with seasonings like Korean chili powder and salt and accompanied by bean sprout salads and sweet soy potato.

• Bulgogi, vegetables on a hot stone plate
• Korean traditional kimchi
• Bean Sprout Salad
• Sweet Soy Potato

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