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Sachie’s Kitchen Teriyaki Burger Challenge!


I made this amazing Teriyaki Chicken burger and it was so delicious AND easy!! You don’t need any additional ingredients than what you need for the Meal Kit- make one (or a few) and you will be blown away by your creation! I think it’s so easy that I am going to be holding a giveaway with this recipe- give it a try, show us your attempt (doesn’t matter how it turns out!!) and you can be in to win a Furi knife set! Furi knives are what we currently use in the Kitchen, and we love the way they look and perform. When you come to us for a class, you will be using them too!


You can find Sachie’s Kitchen Teriyaki Chicken Meal Kits from New Worlds in NZ, or you can order from our Kitchen by emailing



1. Cook rice as per instruction on the box. Once the rice is cooked, mix with rice flour and spread rice on a flat surface (we used a tray). Cover rice with cling wrap and flatten the rice with palm of your hand to about 1cm thickness. Mould the rice using cup or bowls –  I used a cup with 10cm diameter to have this nice round shape of the rice, just like a cookie mould. These will be your rice buns.

2. While you are cooking the rice, you can cook the chicken as per instructions on the pack. But use all the rice flour to mix with rice, dust the chicken with flour / rice flour / GF flour from your pantry!

3. Heat a frying pan on medium high heat with 1 Tbsp of oil and place the rice patties on the frying pan and cook for couple of minutes on both sides. Brush the teriyaki sauce from the pan that you are cooking teriyaki chicken on top of the rice patties for more flavour!

4. All you need to do is to assemble the rice burger with your preferred veg (I used lettuce, carrots and spring onion) – don’t forget to sprinkle sesame seeds on top of the teriyaki!


Don’t believe me with how easy it can be? Make it for yourself, and post it on our wall on or on the comments of the post on FB to be in to win a set of Furi knives!

I will pick the winner on August 15th, so grab your Teriyaki Chicken meal kit and get cooking- I know you can do it and it will turn out phenomenal- the set of Furi knives will just be the icing on top of the cake- or should I say, the sesame seeds on the burger 😉



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