Soju Spring Fling

This light pink cocktail is like spring in a glass! You can substitute the Korean Soju with gin or vodka.

Serves 1


60ml Korean Soju

65ml (1 bottle) Yakult

60ml lemon, lime and bitters

Ice cubes



White Sugar

Frozen berries, blitzed in a hand blender or food processor


  1. In separate plates or shallow bowls, place a small amount of water, white sugar and blitzed frozen berries.
  2. Hold a glass upside down and dip the glass edge into water (about 0.5cm) then dip into white sugar and frozen berries to coat.
  3. Place ice cubes in a glass and pour Soju, Yakult and lemon, lime and bitters. 
  4. Garnish with blitzed berries. Enjoy!

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