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Launching My New Meal Kits

Excited to see the meal kits in the supermarket

Hello everyone!


I haven’t written a blog post like this before! As you guys know, I’m Sachie Nomura, owner and creator of Sachie’s Kitchen! I’ve been working on something for over 2 years now, and I’m so excited that I will finally get to share it.


I came from Japan to study in Auckland, New Zealand with no family support. I was a true migrant, and like many others in the same situation, I found comfort with being with people that came from my country. With me, I started spending time and learning from some of NZ’s top Japanese chefs, and eating Japanese food always made me feel so much better, like I was staying connected to my roots.


I started a cooking school from scratch as a big hairy goal, and long story short it blossomed into a business and career that I could’ve never imagined. I’m sorry to boast, but right now I have had over 50,000 students pass through my doors.  It is the most awarded cooking school in Australasia, and I am also so honoured to have been named as one of NZ’s most influential women in 2013.  You might have seen my cookbook or my cooking show- those are milestones that are very special and amazing to me!


I also pop up in different places as I get invited guest speak at universities, food shows and business/leadership seminars in NZ and overseas, and it’s always a nerve-wracking time because English is my second language. I think this is also what has made me stronger, as I have to work through a major boundary. But this also leads me to my next point, which are my wonderful employees at Sachie’s Kitchen.


Having been a migrant myself, I was keen to give migrants opportunities from all over Asia that could create authentic food from their country, and for me to learn from as well.  100% English might not be our forte, but we could all tell our stories and culture through the food that we made.


In Asia, we share our history and love with food. We celebrate with food, and to not feed someone well is very disrespectful. We don’t need to use words, because we are showing our feelings by serving delicious food in hopes of you being happy and healthy.


When I travelled to all the places my chefs came from, you could taste mouthwatering flavours in every dish that was like nothing I had eaten in NZ. I wish I could have shared all these flavours with everyone that is important in my life.


This is what has inspired me to create the meal kits– it’s been a labour of love ☺ My English might not be perfect, and the way I know best to share my feelings and culture is through cooking. With these meal kits, you can create authentic Asian meals that I have made sure measure up to the sights, sounds and flavours that I have experienced. I hope with every forkful, spoonful or chopstick full (if you can!) you will taste that it’s come from Asia with love.


Keep an eye on my blog and on Facebook, because over the next few weeks I am going to share with you all the stories behind making these meal kits come to life. It’s been a crazy experience to go from a little idea we’ve been dreaming about, to a product that we can pick up and use at home.


Visit the meal kits page for more info

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about the meal kits, so just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. For now if you would like to see the meal kits and have a read about them visit the meal-kits page or watch the little video we put together.


Help us share the word, but most importantly if you see the kits on the shelf at a leading supermarket please try one and let me know how it goes for you and your family.





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