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Why did I do these Meal Kits

In the factory where the sachies kitchen meal kits are made

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed my first blog. I was so happy to see the response that I got from it, and I thought I’d share the story of how I came up with the meal kits, and what we did to make it from an idea in my head to something that exists in our hands- well, it’s been a long time coming!


As you all know, when I was living and travelling through Asia visiting friends, I kept wishing I could let everyone have a taste of what I was experiencing. That dream became the Sachie’s Kitchen cooking school.


After that, I wanted there to be a way that people who don’t have the opportunity to come along to also have a chance of learning how to cook, and eating food that is different, tasty and healthier for them.


I was thinking about this back in late 2013, and I started making the meal kits myself in my kitchen! I felt like a crazy scientist working with my team – constantly measuring, adding different things, seeing which combination work best. I tried at least 60 times different ways initially. It reminds me of a saying that Thomas Edison said about inventing- it is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. It’s definitely true!


Then I flew to Asia to source some of the best things in Asia that could go into my meal kits. I specifically had to go to different countries because some ingredients can’t be found anywhere else, and it was very important to me that my meal kits were authentic. For example, fish sauce is not fish sauce if it’s not made in Vietnam. Nothing else in the world can compare to fish sauce from Vietnam. If I wanted to capture the true taste of Asia, it had to come from Asia, and I was determined to get the best.


Using the best ingredients is something I am very passionate about, and so I sourced the rest of the ingredients from NZ. All the pastes in the meal kits are made right here at home.


And once again, it was trial time! I have tried nearly 100 times in different combinations to get the best result, it has been made to the safety compliance’s in NZ and I asked my Asian friends to taste test it too, to make sure that this product was completely up to their standards- although mine are pretty high too (must be the Japanese in me)!


After I was confident that the meal kits could not get any better, we assembled them and got them to the shelves- and here we are!


I want to make this clear- this is authentic food. No more watered down versions from the supermarket!


I also know that it can be very hard making Asian food- it can be daunting to go into an Asian supermarket and try navigate through things that you can’t read, and never have tried before. It doesn’t help that Asian food needs a careful balance of flavours- for example, it might need to be sweet and savoury at the same time. If you get one thing wrong, it might affect the dish.


So I’ve taken the guesswork out for you. Each kit serves four people- make something new for dinner, give something new for your kids to have, or bring it for lunch!


By now, you already know that I’ve tried these meal kits countless times- the only test left is for your own taste-buds.


Give it a go, and tell me what you think! Show me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram how it turned out- I’m really keen to see how it turns out!


Lots of Love
Sachie xxx

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