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Red chilli, so how hot is too hot?

Meal Kits - Spicy ingredients - red chilli

I’d like to share with you guys one of my memorable experiences from when I was making my meal kits!


It was a very hard decision to make the seven flavoured meal kits that you see today. They came about through the combination of the dishes that my students like when they learn how to cook at Sachie’s Kitchen, and my all time favourites as well.


It was very hard for me to decide what I wanted to include in 7 meal kits. I wanted to give a good variety of Asian meals to Kiwis, some you guys might be familiar with from buying takeaways and other dishes that you might not have tried before! It’s always nice to surprise the palate and learn something new.


As I said in my last blog post, it took us over two years to make these meal kits. It is a bigger journey than I could ever have imagined! When I thought of this concept I started experimenting with a lot of different ingredients from different sources. Note to self, I will go through all the individual components over the coming weeks and share with you as much detail about our suppliers as I can. I am really proud of all the people who are making these meal kits possible. Keep an eye out for that 🙂


The journey from making this from a recipe I knew, to a shelf-stable and safe commercial product was a long one, with many obstacles to overcome, which I might talk about in my next blog post. I have a total newfound appreciation for food-manufacturers now!


One of my funnier memories was when I was trialling ingredients for the Thai Red Curry and Laksa– we tried over 20 different chilli’s to decide which chilli to use for the meal kits to make sure we had the best one.


There are so many different varieties of red chilli! Ones that are lighter in colour, those that aren’t as spicy, and those that have too much spice! We of course taste what the product is like with the different chilli’s.


One day we were all making Laksa and Thai Red Curry, and experimenting… and we all ended up with numb tongues! It is hard to say whether it was one that made it extra spicy, or if the constant eating of chilli was what killed our tastebuds- I remember we had lots and lots of milk and yoghurt that day, lol!


Luckily, you will never find that with the current Laksa and Thai Red Curry. I’ve absorbed all the pain and sweat for you, hehe. If there are any flavours that you would love to see, definitely share them with me! It also makes me really happy when I get to see pictures of how the meal kits have turned out on your end, and how they have held up.  Please let me know how hot you think the dishes are. There is such


If you are trying out any of my new meal kits at home, remember to take pictures of your meals and share them with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


I love talking to you guys, and look forward to your comments and replies!  🙂


Lots of Love
Sachie xxx

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